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Once a path of creativity begins, its journey is both unpredictable and unstoppable,

and all the while inspiring and beautiful. 

I dabble in a variety of creative endeavors, usually whatever I can justify as productive at a particular time in my life.  You know, the art of distressing and painting furniture in my early 20’s when I was setting up house, mixing scraps of fabrics in my mid 20's to make quilts for everyones precious bambinos arriving, or simply looking at something old and useless and bending my mind to create with it.


And the jewellery...

Ooooh the stones, the metals, the leather, the pearls, the components, the colours, the shapes, how they feel, where they come from, what they mean... when all the bits come together I am inspired to design these ever so unique pieces of jewellery that reflect this beautiful world and our natural surroundings.  My newest Wanderlust collection is made from actual pieces of nature that I collect on my wanderings and are then cast in fine silver and hand forged into pendants and earrings.  I am a believer that every piece carries with it the energy with which it was made and can carry a deep connection to the place of inspiration.  When I'm working in my studio I really do let go of all expectation and trust the process of creativity.

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